Dr Harriet Shortt

Head of Visual Engagement

PhD, PGCert, MSc, BSc, CMBE

Key fields:Engagement & Communication

Key projects:Picturing Places, Kings Cross; Side by Side, London; University of the West of England (UWE) Business School POE

Dr Harriet Shortt also works at the University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol Business School, as an academic and researcher in the field of spatial change and user experience. Harriet has 17 years’ experience in researching and working with organisations exploring space, place, and the material world of work. Her expertise is in qualitative research methods including visual, arts-based approaches to understanding user experiences of placemaking. Harriet is often invited to comment on spatial change and working practices in the media and her research has been published in international journals and won awards for research excellence. Harriet is passionate about user experiences of buildings, places, and facilities and believes that successful placemaking encompasses an awareness of cultural shifts, diverse needs, innovative communications, and a sympathetic understanding of people and their everyday lives.

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