Parti Time Winner

Instagram Competition Winner Announced

29th March 2021

Following the announcement of the Parti Sketch Competition Shortlist last Friday, we left the tough final decision in the hands of our capable guest judge Sweta Sanker (@swetects). Sweta is a Master of Architecture student at the Royal College of Art in London as well as an accomplished illustrator. She was also the winner of our Most Joyous Project Award 2020 with her final year undergraduate design project at the University of Bath.

We recommend you check out Sweta’s joyful illustrations and inspiring work on her website!

Competition Winner

Le Cor-moo-sier by Fiona Hunt

Resurrecting this gem for an entry into the @bibostudio.comstudioltd #itspartitimecompetition… The time I drew a parti diagram of the gallery space I was designing, only to discover I was designing a cow. (Discalaimer: eye, tail and udders not part of original gallery design!) It’s also a great summary of the heavy in situ concrete and contrasting lightweight timber spaces if you look beyond the comedy value! P.s. We named him Le Cor-moo-sier 🙄 (@fiona_hunt2)

Commentary by Sweta:

“To me, the beauty of a parti diagram is in its simplicity. The combination of several simple lines and solid forms on a simple piece of paper has the opportunity to inspire and open up a million different conversations – based on how one chooses to interpret it.

In that sense, I loved this entry’s simple play on a series of solids and voids. Having the ability to take a step back and look at your diagrams with a clean set of eyes once you’re done (for example, with the observation of how it resembles a cow at the end) really shows that you’re able to build on a simple interpretation and imagine a hundred different options that could come from an initial, simple sketch.”

Congratulations on your winning entry Fiona – your prize will be on its way shortly!

Highly Commended

A Typical Day in Our (Lockdown) Life by Shona Sivamohan

The diagram captures a typical day in our (lockdown) life, confined within the four walls of our living room. It maps the routes of my partner and I as we move through the space in our everyday routine, adapting the space as we switch between live and work. (

Commentary by Sweta:

“I really like this entry as I think it’s quite an intriguing way to look at movement through a simple diagram. As soon as I saw the image, I could immediately tell that the intent of the parti diagram was to show movement within a confined space – and in that sense, the simple use of dotted lines in contrast to solid lines really helped to distinguish between the two – which I thought was a very clever approach.”


“Deconstructing Walls” by Francesca Naddafi

A facility for the homeless: These parti diagrams explore the sensitivity of the idea of ‘too much outside’ and ‘not enough inside’, breaking down social barriers through deconstructing the physical barrier of the wall. Through an integrated process, the scheme acknowledges the ‘growing’ process as a tool for social interaction and a means of facilitating the homeless man’s re-entry into society. (@frvncescan)

Commentary by Sweta:

This entry really shows the potential of using one, very simple parti diagram to demonstrate a series of ideas. It is particularly intriguing because of the use of line weights and colours to highlight the relevant aspects of the intent – which I thought was very successful.”