What is a grotto? Santa has one, so does The Little Mermaid.

Our work began by illustrating what a grotto might be and used this to develop the client’s brief. Constructed with intentionally minimal technical information, our role was around coordinating a collaborative consultant team unified by a strong communication of desired user experience and decisionmaking around contributory elements such as material quality, soundscape, special effects and interactive features.

Amongst the diverse range of skills deployed on this project, which included creating a stalactite schedule and wall elevations for a flattened hemisphere, we also acted as interim wyvern to help determine how big a wyvern is, and how much space it needs to thrive.

This project is a flagship project for BiBO in the fields of joyfulness and collaboration, reframing our approach to large scale regeneration… which is also best served in small bites by many enthusiastic hands.

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