BiBO is an RIBA Chartered Practice of Architects established in 2018 to offer a more joyful approach to designing and delivering architecture.

BiBO = better in, better out. It’s our reimagining of the computing principle that if you put garbage in, you get garbage out.

The ‘better’ that we put in at BiBO is based on 3 simple ideas: Curiosity, Integrity & Joy.


We see the world as it could be, not as it is.

Buildings (should!) last a long time; we see our work as a contribution to that future world. We design buildings to be sustained; inherently fit-for-purpose, well-organised, helpful, and affordable. That’s our definition of ‘sustainable design’

We are grateful for all the reinventions of the wheel that have taken place since the Neolithic age, and will do our part to carry on this useful tradition.

We promise to always question whether there is a cheaper, simpler, nicer, better way.


“If I wouldn’t want to live/work/learn/play there myself, I won’t draw it”.

That’s the challenge we’d like to lay before ANYONE who is responsible for drawing buildings. It’s the challenge we set ourselves.

It is not a question of taste, but of good design. We’ll draw as much lime green shag carpet as you want, but we will not draw a ‘bedroom’ that doesn’t fit bedroom stuff in it… like a bed for example (you know who you are).

Why? Because we know that someone else has to live with what we design, and that someone might be our friends or even our kids.


Life is short, enjoy it

We’ve learned that we do our best work when we are happy.

When we’re happy, we’re engaged. When we’re engaged, we’re better at communicating and more excited about our work. When we’re communicating and excited about our work, our clients are happy.

We are completely agile. We are not constrained by an office, we are not constrained by 9-5 Monday-Friday. When and where we work is based on the need of the project.

Our clients are busy people, directing businesses, managing operations, finding new development opportunities, and hopefully enjoying a life outside of work too. We fit around our clients’ schedules because sometimes a productive meeting doesn’t need coffee… it needs gin.

We like to work on on interesting projects, with interesting people. But our experience and typical areas of work fall roughly into 4 sectors: